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Discover How To Create A House Flipping Empire That Runs  On Autopilot
 If Your Business Isn't Using The Power Of The Internet It'll Soon Be Extinct 
You've probably heard by now the best way to make money in real estate without a real estate license or previous experience is through Wholesaling

But the sad fact is that most of what's being taught about HOW to do this is not just wrong, but actually harmful to your long term success 

Here's what I mean by that...

The old forms of marketing (bandit signs, door knocking) are just not as effective anymore. As technology increases it becomes easier and easier for the "INFORMED" to get ahead.

...And the Uniformed to stay behind and continue running in a hamster wheel trying to figure this whole real estate thing out.

What if there were a way you could:
  •  Spend less time marketing, make more per deal in less time
  •  Run your business from the comfort of your home, Starbucks, or remotely from anywhere in the world.
  •  Flip houses without having to meeting sellers in person, doing any repairs like  fixing up toilets, or without any hard manual labor
There is -- and it's simple... 

And on this page I'll tell you exactly how you can have all of this and more by borrowing from the same closely-guarded and highly tested techniques responsible for over "1 million dollars" in gross revenue, and allow you to use the same techniques to launch your very own Virtual wholesaling business. 
By Enrolling In  Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0 
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"I was a bit worried that I lived overseas in New Zealand. Got with Chris used the methods he taught me and closed my first Virtual Wholesale deal for $9,000. Never saw the seller, the buyer, or the house."
Forrest Smyth
Real Estate Investor New Zealand
"Thanks to following your system, I've got rid of the office. Hired my first virtual assistant, made over $300,000 in the last 10 months. Now I travel the world, and spend more time with my wife and kids. Thanks for this great system!"
TJ Hines 
National Home Buyers Group LLC
Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0
Instant Access To Training
The look over my shoulder system to flipping contracts remotely from anywhere with just a computer and cellphone. 
Recent Transactions 
Yes, I'm a DORU I still am an active investor doing deals. All of these properties were properties I controlled without risking any of my own money or credit. Here are properties I've bought and flipped using the same strategies I'm going to share with you inside Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0. 
9511 Marlinton Port Richey, FL
Purchase Price: $34,000
Sold Price: $40,000
7349 Royal Palm Drive  Port Richey, FL
Purchase Price: $36,000
Sold Price: $43,000
1844 12th Ave Saint Pete, FL
Purchase Price: $30,000
Sold Price: $41,500
2634 Adela Avenue Orlando, FL
Purchase Price: $25,000
Sold Price: $35,000
15714 Pebble Bend Houston, TX
Purchase Price: $130,000
Sold Price: $140,000
2814 Shelton Ave Tampa, FL
Purchase Price: $22,000
Sold Price: $60,000
Here is everything you get today

  • You receive COMPLETE ACCESS to high level training modules that show you the exact steps for finding motivated sellers, hungry cash buyers, and private lenders for your real estate deals. 
  • Choosing the Right Market To Target - In less than 5 minutes know if your market is a dud or a winner
  • Delegating And Team Building -  How to Easily Delegate Tasks Step by Step Training. (Easy as sending a email)
  • Market & Lead Analyzation - Laser Sniping To Find Deals - No one is going after. Know what to offer in less that 10 minutes using The Deal Analyzation Formula!
  • Facebook Reverse lead strategy to find motivated sellers directly on Facebook 
  • Attracting Buyers & Joining Venturing - Simple Strategies To Find All The “Big Baller” Cash buyers in the city.
  • In-depth, bonus Flip Houses ON Vacation Training: watch over my shoulder" core strategy trainings where I break down how and when to outsource parts of your business based on your current level, and goals, (i.e., newbie, intermediate looking to the business owner or Expert looking to scale & delegate 90% of the business… Don’t worry, we have multiple strategies for each goal)
  • BONUS: Your very own completely Facebook Fanpage ready to get SEO'd Rank to create buyer and seller leads for Real Estate Business
  • BONUS: Custom Built Podio CRM apps so that you'll have access and be able to operate your whole real estate business from any computer, ipad, or cell phone
  • BONUS: All of our contracts, direct mail templates, and swipe files so you know exactly how to find deal, flip deals, and outsource your real estate business.
  • BONUS : Limited to First 10 people 15 minute 1 on 1 call with Chris Bruce - Value $997
TOTAL VALUE = 11,720
Bonus - $997 Value
Flip Your First Deal Training Course 
Step-by-Step over the shoulder training how to flip your first deal for $5k-$10k profit in the next 14-28 days. Instant access to  5 Modules, Contracts + 5 Week Live Recording Coaching Calls.
Bonus - $997 Value
 1 on 1 Call Strategy Call 
 Limited to First 10 people (15 minute) 1 on 1 call with Chris Bruce - Value $997
Enrollment Closes In...
Sign Up Today, If You Don’t Like It For ANY REASON (I Don’t Care If It’s 29 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes From Now) Just Let Me Know And We’ll Give Your Money Back.

All you need to do is simply send an email to support@reiwealthprofit.com and we'll refund you immediately
"Do A Deal" Full Money Back Guarantee
Note: If you're on a payment plan, you'll receive the sum of the payments you've made

Join the Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0 and do a deal in the next 6 months.

Then just simply send in your testimonial, a copy of your profit check and HUD 1 settlement statement and we'll SEND YOU BACK YOUR ENTIRE ENROLLMENT FEE.

Just send us the video and proof of your deal that we can use in our future marketing materials and we'll send you back your money.

This is our way of rewarding you for taking MASSIVE ACTION and also getting even more inspirational stories for future members.
Should You Invest Into Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0?
Here's what our students say...
Ray Mabry... who made $100,000 his first 6 months
 & now runs a 6 Figure Virtual Wholesaling business full time
Just Like Luke Wong... who quit his job & now is a Full time Investor
And Ed Ngong... who recently graduated from College & ditched the corporate world to go Full Time in Real Estate
And Joe Sauter who was already doing deals but learned this one simple trick which gave him the FREEDOM to run his business from anywhere 
Visit to Joe Sauter's Office In South FL
What Joe Had To Say...
$10k Net Profit
It's Time To Make Your Choice 
So right now, you have a choice. You can keep on sitting on the sidelines, or operating your real estate business the "old "way, and risk getting trapped into working 50 + hours a week just to make ends meet. Even worse continuing going into the cubicle (J.O.B.) every week while praying for 30 years to go by fast so you can finally retire in hopes of some type of pension. 

Or you can use the Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0 to build a business that generates income on demand built to work around your desired lifestyle. You'll leverage the power of the Internet to consistently grow your business without spending all your time and money on the marketing treadmill...

You'll truly have a house flipping business on wheels. Whether you're at a local coffee shop or vacationing in Jamaica your business will go wherever you choose. 

Giving you a HUGE advantage over your competition and allowing you to enjoy the success of having a business that you love. 

By joining us in the Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0 Masterclass, you're making the decision to invest in your business and you're making a commitment to your success...

And remember with our incredible $300 can't fail guarantee, you won't be risking a penny.

But you do have to grab your spot before registration closes because we're about to close the doors and get started. 
One Time fee
Regular Price $4̶9̶7̶

$197 today and then $197 in 30 days

Regular $5000 - One Time Fee

Interested In The Mentoring Program?
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