REI Negotiation One Liners

Negotiation Tactics

These are some of my favorite go-to phrases when I’m negotiating on the phone. 

Swipe them and use them to your heart’s content! 


I would love to pay $100.000 for your house, nothing would make me happier, but unfortunately, with this market, I would be out of business if I did. 


I like to move very fast.  Is that okay with you? 


For a quick cash purchase, you’re going to have to be competitive with the foreclosure prices. 


Why would I buy your house for $30,000 more when I can buy the bank’s house down the street? 


I know all the other investors in town.  They are all going to be in the same ballpark. 


I only have enough to buy one more house this month.  I would really hate for you to miss out on this offer. 


We have 100 people calling the office a day to sell me their houses.  You need to make your price as competitive as possible. 

“I don’t want to give my house away” I wouldn’t want you to do that either.  What price would you consider giving your house away? 


“I can’t do that price.”  Well what price can you do? 


If I came to your house with a suitcase with $100,000 would you tell me no? 


A lot of my clients call my office and seem to be in a similar situation as yours. 


And I still get Christmas cards from them because I helped them get their life back. 


Retail sales in your area are typically on the market for 6 to 8 months.  Can you wait that long? 


What happens if you don’t sell your house? 


Sounds like you’re really unhappy with your situation.  Is there a reason you’re delaying your happiness? If I buy your house today, are you going to love me forever?


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